DOGYU Rescue hammer with holder DH-02

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DOGYU – A brand name that produces quality hammers and well trusted in Japan.
This Emergency Hammer is Constructed using ABS Material for the handle, Bright Red colour is chosen to catch the attention of passerby / people during an event of emergency. It is very well recommended to place one at places which emergency situations may most likely occur. Places such as: In your vehicle, your home, and your office.
The constructed pointed / sharp tip can easily pierce glass material. As such, it is recommended to only use this product where emergency situation demands it. Never use this product on human / living being / animals, may cause grievious bodily harm. Please be mindful of your surrounding when using this product.
A handy hammer is always helpful as a form of protection. Hammer hardness reach H.R.C. 48o, strong enough to break 5-10mm thick tempered glass.
Weight : 300gm
Length : 165mm

Color: Red
Weight(KG): 0.100

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