KCP(KIMTECH) 33560 Prep (Ctn)

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Minimum order: 1 carton
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Size: 30.5cm x 36.6cm
Colour: Blue

KIMTECH* KIMTEX* Wipers are designed for wiping tasks where low lint or use of chemicals are required. Engineered for critical applications involving solvents, inks, and paints. Acid-base and solvent resistant. Perfect for use with lubricants, oil and grease. Polypropylene construction.

Applications include: furniture finishing, engine assembly/repair, pre-packaging wipe down, LCD panel assembly, appliance assembly, printing, and glass or window cleaning.

• Exceptionally clean product that contains no binders, chemical residue, or contaminants that can result in surface damage or rework

• Tackles aggressive solvents without falling apart

• Low linting performance helps minimise the occurrence of defects and cross contamination from particulate matter

• Exceptional absorbency results in wiping jobs being completed faster and more effectively

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